Project Management

Voyon Folks enables efficient management of tasks and activities associated with a project, ensuring timely completion.

Project Management Process

The Project Management service offers features and functionalities to manage an entire project lifecycle including creating projects, allocating tasks, capturing time, and generating a range of reports.

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Here’s What It Does

Enables Seamless Management of Projects

  • The Project Management service facilitates hassle-free and effective management of a company’s projects. Users can seamlessly create projects in and add relevant data, assign resources, allocate tasks and monitor the progress of projects.
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Ensures Accurate Capture of Timesheet

  • The project Management service enables tracking of time spent by individual employees on a given project or on a task or subtask within a project and allows managers to calculate the total hours expended by labor category and to raise accurate monthly bills.
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Enables Efficient Management of Project Teams

  • The Project Management service helps in organizing and managing project teams that typically consist of various labor categories having specific skills and clearly defined tasks and responsibilities, enabling the entire team to work as a cohesive unit.
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