Best Payroll Software in India

Our best payroll management system seamlessly manages various workflows and validations involved in salary calculations, making payroll processing a breeze.

Best Payroll Software and Payroll Process

There are several workflow activities, checks and validations to be completed before salaries can be disbursed. Voyon Folks best Payroll management and service makes this process painless and easy to manage.

Check out the Features of Best Payroll Software in India

Here’s What It Does

Offers Fully Integrated Best Payroll Management System

  • Time & Attendance, leave, loans, overtime, expenses, allowances, TDS and many other variables are seamlessly integrated in a single service making the best payroll management software and generation of payslips much easier and less time consuming.
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Connects All Payroll Activities in a Single Service

  • All activities related to payroll management are bundled into a single service, allowing the HR Team to validate all applicable variables for every employee within an organization before generating payslips and proceeding to pay-out.
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Offers Flexibility in Managing Benefits & Salary Structure

  • The Payroll service allows you to customize your salary structure and benefits package in line with your organisation’s specific requirements, including those related to allowances, deductions, F&F settlement etc. while automatically handling all statutory deductions.
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Ensures 100% Compliance

  • Voyon Folks Payroll service can be configured to meet the statutory compliance requirements of various countries. It also enables employees to view payslips and various tax related documents on their mobiles with password protection.
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Takes the Tedium out of Payroll Processing

  • With a workforce spread across multiple business units and geographical locations, are you struggling with multiple payroll processes, several pay-components, and inconsistent tax handling? Voyon Folks Payroll is the payroll solution you are looking for.
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Frequently Asked Questions!

1)What is the best payroll software in India?

Payroll software in India is an on-premises or cloud-based solution that manages, maintains, and automates payments to employees.

2)How does payroll calculate?

Calculate net salary, gross salary and gross deductions are the steps to calculate payroll.

3)What is the definition of payroll?

Payroll refers to the payment of employees by their employer. Payroll can be a noun when it describes a business's financial records on employee pay.