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HR Software Solution - Work smart

Voyon Folks cloud based HR software solution is our award-winning Human Capital Management (HCM) solution that helps to simplify complex HR processes and provide powerful insights about your Workforce. Marrying deep functionality and latest technology with an intuitive, best-in-class user interface. Voyon Folks HCM makes it easier for HR and business leaders to optimize performance and improve work experiences for their people. From big-picture data to zooming into the individual employee’s journey in a matter of seconds - Voyon Folks HCM can support even the most complex organizational needs in HR, Payroll Management, Performance, project Management,Analytic, Time and Talent etc. What really sets Voyon Folks HCM apart is how we create a greater freedom for your organization to succeed. We do this by removing as much complexity from HR management as possible.

The world of work is developing quick. To exceed expectations, every organization over every industry must take on a similar mindset as an innovation organization. At Voyon Folks HCM, we acknowledge our customers are best given a singular structure to configuration, execute, separate and extend - all energized by trend setting innovation. See how Voyon Folks HCM is helping organization work progressively smart, faster, and with more preparation than whenever in recent memory. At HR human resource management information software systems in Trivandrum, We have created a new search service that will make it easier for employees to find what they want, when they want it. We are also building an analytic view to see HR and payroll articles. The analytics offer the user the opportunity to take immediate action with relevant Voyon Folks HCM tasks and reports. Our goal is to build a Voyon Folks HCM that helps all employees lead more productive and meaningful work lives.Voyon Folks is the one of the best hr software service in Kerala.

Importance of the solution

Following are some of the importance of this feature:

  • Voyon Folks HCM is developed starting from the earliest stage delivered in the cloud. It is the main worldwide HCM application that binds together HR, Benefits, Leave, Payroll, Time and Attendance, Employee Self Service as well as Talent Acquisition.
  • Real-time Analytics and User Friendly Design
  • Advanced Technology Platforms
  • Docker Installation
  • End to End HR product
  • Independent Database
  • Can handle multiple Company

Advantages of this solution

  • Compliance with Statutory Laws and Regulations
  • Multi-level Workflow Management
  • Deployed on Cloud
  • Multilingual
  • On Boarding
  • Off Boarding
  • Probation Review
  • Shift Management

At Voyon Folks HCM, we are using the latest in predictive technologies to create an employee experience that is every bit as delightful as the consumer experiences. We are using the latest in predictive technologies. Think about today, where consumer technology predicts what you need, when you need it. This is how Voyon Folks HCM is thinking about the employee experience. We are redefining what it means to know people, their interests, actions and tendencies. So, we can quickly provide personalized recommendations, notifications and deliver an unforgettable experience. We start with an intuitive and relevant homepage, greeting users with a familiar card-style interface with relevant content. We are introducing journeys that are a completely tailored set of tasks which are surfaced when additional guidance is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions!

1)How can I get started with HRMS Login for the first time?

Username is HRMS ID, and the default password is "Test@123" for first-time users. Click the "Login" button after entering your Username and Password. An OTP will be issued to the registered mobile number when you click the "Login" button. The received OTP will be valid for one week after it is received on the registered mobile phone.

2)What is the difference between a human resource information system (HRIS) and a human resource management system (HRMS)?

HRIS is more simple, focusing on the most important details, whereas HRMS is more complicated and comprehensive.

3) What is the most significant benefit of adopting an on-site HRMS?

Employees can update personal data without involving HR for simple tasks using an HRMS.